Company Profile

“Our mission is to promote wellness and optimum health for millions of people around the world by establishing Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT) as THE recognized standard treatment in healthcare.”

Australian inventor, Keith Wendell (1944 – 2014) conceived the concept of Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT) technology in 1986.  Over the next 10 years, he conducted extensive research with many leading physicists and engineers in New Zealand, Germany, England, and the United States to bring this concept into reality.  It was in 1997 that the first working EPRT BodiHealth device was created.

In 1999, EPRT Technologies, Inc. was co-founded by Keith Wendell and Katherine Blake to manufacture and promote EPRT specifically in the area of spinal cord injury and regeneration.  Keith’s early work in 1997-1998 with quadriplegia yielded unprecedented results. It was while presenting a technical exhibit at the American Paraplegic Societies Annual Conference in September 1999 in Las Vegas, that the company’s founders met Professor Bok Y. Lee.   Professor Lee is a former Governor of the American College of Surgeons and still considered a foremost specialist in the field of spinal cord injuries, specifically in the area of decubitus ulcers.

Following the conference Prof. Lee introduced EPRT to the administrators at the Northeast Centre for Special Care, in New York State, where he assisted in setting up the first clinical study in 2001, utilizing EPRT for the treatment of non-healing decubitus ulcers. The results from this preliminary study produced five scientific poster abstract presentations, two peer reviewed journal articles, as well as the basis for a chapter in Dr. Lee’s book “The Wound Management Manual” (McGraw-Hill, 2005).

It was the results from this study that opened EPRT up to the broader range of applications for the technology, as it confirmed the Company’s belief that healing and regeneration were taking place at the very core of the cellular structure.  EPRT’s patented process produces a waveform, which moves electrons through the body at a frequency that the cells can utilize, enabling maximum production of ATP (cellular energy) to function optimally.  By boosting the immune function, EPRT assists the entire body to heal, regardless the condition.

EPRT has been utilized for a wide range of pain related conditions, specifically in the treatment of post op wound healing, sports injuries, Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Lyme disease and Hypertension.  The first EPRT wellness clinic opened in 2004 in Queensland Australia, which treated thousands of patients with various health conditions and also served as an EPRT training facility for practitioners around the globe.

The EPRT companies continue to manufacture and distribute EPRT devices globally and provide ongoing support for its practitioners and customers.  Providing a superior non-invasive, alternative option for pain relief and healing continues to be the Company’s objective and mission.

Company Structure:


EPRT Technologies, Inc. (EPRT-US), a California corporation was founded in 1999 to develop, manufacture, market and distribute the EPRT technology. Pursuant to a corporate reorganization consummated in December 2006, EPRT-US transferred all of its intellectual property rights of the EPRT technology to Thrisoint Pty Ltd, a Belize corporation.  EPRT-US, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of TPL, remains the manufacturer and supplier of all EPRT technology worldwide. It also holds all regulatory certification for the EPRT technology.


Formed in Belize in December 2006 as an intellectual property holding company for the proprietary Electro Pressure Regeneration Therapy (EPRT) technology developed by EPRT Technology, Inc, a wholly-owned US subsidiary of TPL. TPL has two subsidiaries in the United States, and Australia.


A wholly-owned Australian subsidiary of TPL which serves as the exclusive distributor of the EPRT devices and accessories throughout Australia and New Zealand, with an emphasis on promoting the technology to physicians, Allied Health practitioners, professional sports teams and top athletes in that territory.